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sustainable design

Our team of designers and consultants work with you to develop tailored solutions to help you achieve your environmental goals. We aim to create homes that are comfortable to live in and have a reduced impact on the environment.

Our aim is to create innovative living buildings which are site specific, incorporate passive solar design, harvest and conserve our natural resources, use materials which, in their manufacture, application, and disposal, minimise damage to the environment.


sustainable initiatives we include/promote in our designs:

·      Passive solar design: Orientation, spatial zoning, thermal mass, ventilation, insulation, shading and glazing to suite your local environment.

·      Energy efficiency: Lighting, heating and cooling, appliance selection, double/triple glazing and high performance glass

·      Renewable Energy Systems: solar PV, Solar hot water, wind and off grid systems

·      Thermal Performance Assessments to test the performance of our designs

·      Material Selection based on durability, method of production, life cycle costs and the ability to recycle or reuse and locally sourced.

·      Low VOC paints, finishes and materials

·      Earth building materials and systems

·      Water efficient appliances and fixtures.

·      Rainwater tanks for re-use in your bathroom and garden.

·      Waste water treatment systems

·      Drought tolerant plants